Norwegian/Swedish Greenlandexpedition 2007
On Iceland
From Iceland to Greenland
Day 1: A hectic day
Day 2: A great start!
Day 3: Sunshine!
Day 4: Sastrugi damaged the ski
Day 5: The repairs looks ok
Day 6: Another day in sastrugi
Day 07: Phone report
Day 7: Sundaydinner
Day 8: Over 2000
Day 9: A chilly day
Day 10: Less sastrugi
Day 11: Congratulation!
Day 12: Wearing facemasks heading for the top
Day 13: Snow everywhere
Day 14: Got stuck because of bad weather
Day15: Phone report
Day 16: “On the road again…”
Day 17: A beautiful day
Day 18: We are looking at DYE2
Day 19: Wind in the windsack!
Day 20: Phone report
Day 20: Phone report
Day 20: DYE2 and Camp Raven
Day 21: Heading for the west coast
Day 22: We met at last!
Day 23: Downhill
Day 24: We´ve spotted land ahead!
Day 24: Phone report
Day 25: A taste of icing..
Day 26: We are there!
Report from Kangerlussuaq and pictures from the expedition

Day 11: Congratulation!

Light air/light breeze Fair weather
66.30034°N -42.96386°W | 2408 m | Distance today: 21km | Total distance: 226km of approx. 600km

Light breeze and sunny weather during our 21 km long "17. mai tog", 17th of May Parade, celebrating the National Day of Norway. We decorated the sledges with Norwegian flags, humming the National anthem of Norway. We had a spectacular dinner tonight, reindeer-meat, mushroom and basmatirice. Mending the broken ski last night looks succesfully, hopefully it will make it through the rest of the trip. Greetings from all of us in Greenland! 

The Norwegian flag


Comment from bloguser
Posted 18.05.2007 , 09:32

To your information, you will find the diary-note from yesterday, Day 10, in between Day 5 and Day 6. Such things happens, now and then, for unknown reasons. There could also be a delay in publishing the daily news, caused by atmospherics, for instance.

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