Norwegian/Swedish Greenlandexpedition 2007
On Iceland
From Iceland to Greenland
Day 1: A hectic day
Day 2: A great start!
Day 3: Sunshine!
Day 4: Sastrugi damaged the ski
Day 5: The repairs looks ok
Day 6: Another day in sastrugi
Day 07: Phone report
Day 7: Sundaydinner
Day 8: Over 2000
Day 9: A chilly day
Day 10: Less sastrugi
Day 11: Congratulation!
Day 12: Wearing facemasks heading for the top
Day 13: Snow everywhere
Day 14: Got stuck because of bad weather
Day15: Phone report
Day 16: “On the road again…”
Day 17: A beautiful day
Day 18: We are looking at DYE2
Day 19: Wind in the windsack!
Day 20: Phone report
Day 20: Phone report
Day 20: DYE2 and Camp Raven
Day 21: Heading for the west coast
Day 22: We met at last!
Day 23: Downhill
Day 24: We´ve spotted land ahead!
Day 24: Phone report
Day 25: A taste of icing..
Day 26: We are there!
Report from Kangerlussuaq and pictures from the expedition

Day 16: “On the road again…”

Gentle/moderate breeze Fair weather
°N -44.24257°W | 2430 m | Distance today: 19km | Total distance: 284km of approx. 600km

Yesterday, we had to stay on at the same point due to bad weather, but today we went skiing again. Heavy wind forces and temperatures down to minus 19 degrees Celsius, made it a very cold experience. Another 270 km ahead..

Since the phone report below mostly seems to be spoken in Norwegian/Swedish, here is a short summery:

The gale and the blizzard has forced the team to move and remove the walls of shelter, according to the changing wind courses. A nearly hopeless task, because of chilly weather, non-predictable wind directions- and of course the snow falling down all the time, making the conditions really bad. Working for hours in whiteout, digging out the tents, moving the walls and keeping the snow away from the roof.  Nevertheless they are "on the road again", since yesterday morning. A smaller frostbite, but nothing serious. And certainly, the downhills make it easier, even if the wind is blowing towards them at the moment. And everybody is sending their best regards to family and friends….


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Posted 23.05.2007 , 05:15

As you may have noticed the map-illustration following the daily reports, is temporarily lacking at the moment. Probably it´s due to the atmospherics/technical problems/server-error and the like. We are trying to reestablish this function, but you´ll never know when the connection is maintained.

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